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Perfect High fiVe is an apparel company based out of RC, SoDak. The basic idea of Perfect High fiVe is the feeling, the action, the emotion that brings on the act of a perfect high five. That feeling before you start descending, finally pulling what you have been wanting to for months, eating a big ass burrito, fakies, drinks with friends, these are just a few examples of what we mean. Everyone is capable of performing acts of high five worthiness. We recognize the smallest and largest accomplishments which are deserving of the Perfect High fiVe.

We are BMX rider owned, inspired, ran, designed, concieved, and sold. Just like in our riding some of our ideas crash and burn but the ones that stick feel like a Perfect High fiVe. Born in early February of 2013 to a couple of riders who had a desire to grow the local scene and contribute to the lifestyle that has given us so much in terms of life experiance. We are assembling a crew and designing new apparel daily.

Check out our softgoods on our apparel page, our personality on social media (facebook, twitter, instagram and youtube), and our lifestyle through our pics and vids available. Now get out there and do something worthy of a Perfect High fiVe!
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